Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, can significantly impact a person’s ability to maintain organisation and manage clutter.

Managing a home with a disability such as ADHD can present challenges. We understand that it is not a lack of care or an the act of being lazy that leads to clutter in these cases. Individuals, family members and carers can often become frustrated having tried everything to try to tackle these challenging situations. Kiah has worked and supported individuals living with disabilities and brings a organic and learned empathy. Visual cues, reminders and designated or room by room approaches can help individuals stay on track.

What are some of the challenges we see? Well there can be many depending on the age of the client and their personality. It is important to know that everyone is different and not all clients will have these traits

Challenges for individuals with ADHD

  • Executive Functioning Challenges: ADHD often involves difficulties with executive functions such as organisation and planning. This can make it challenging for individuals with ADHD to create and maintain organisational systems, leading to clutter accumulation.
  • Inattention and Forgetfulness: People with ADHD may struggle with staying focused on tasks and tend to forget to put things away or clean up after themselves. This can contribute to clutter as items are left out or not returned to their proper places.
  • Difficulty with Decision-Making: ADHD can affect decision-making abilities, making it hard for individuals to decide what to keep, what to discard, and where to put things. This indecision can lead to clutter as items pile up without a clear organizational plan.
  • Hyperfocus: While in a state of hyperfocus, individuals with ADHD may become intensely absorbed in a task or activity, often to the exclusion of everything else. This can result in neglect of organising and tidying efforts, leading to clutter buildup.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: Some individuals with ADHD may have sensory sensitivities that make them more sensitive to visual clutter or physical discomfort caused by cluttered environments, further exacerbating the challenge.

How do we help?

If you live with ADHD, or are living with a loved one who has this condition then we can help you.

We can work towards new habits, taking into consideration existing ones and help model new ways of approaching the tasks required to have a healthy environment. It’s about understanding unique needs and providing the necessary support for personal growth. We work with NDIS participants who are self managed and NDIS or agency managed. We can provide a detail quote based on your or your clients goals.


Let us help. Book a Free 30 minute consult today and we can get one step closer to creating a functional and rewarding environment.